Officially this fellowship is to be called the Krishnan Arthroscopy Fellowship. It was started in 1999 by Dr. S. Gopal Krishnan from Texas. It steamed from the need Dr.Krishnan saw to expose young orthopedic surgeons to a concentrated training programme in arthroscopy, as none was available in India  that time. The seniors had to go abroad to learn but now they have perfected in the field, and are capable of guiding India's future arthroscopy surgeons. This fellowship enables the aspirants to visit and spend time these stalwarts. The total amount of donation towards the fellowship given by Dr. S.G. Krishnan is $11,992. Every year, two candidates are selected as per the criteria laid down for the fellowship to travel around the country as Krishnan Arthroscopy fellows to learn arthroscopy.

Dr. S.G. Krishnan is from Kerala and graduated from CMS Ludhiana. He trained in New York City at the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. He has been in the field of arthroscopy since 1978 and have presented several papers, conducted workshops and live demonstrations in the country.

The following are the recipients of the above fellowship -

2000 - Dr. Manish Shah (Barodara) & Dr. Prakash C. Wali (Belgam)
2001 - Dr. S. Fowkar (Goa) & S. Ram (Delhi)
2002 - Dr. Ritesh Patel (Surat) & Dr. Arvind Kulkarni (Gokak)
2003 - Dr. Nitin Patil (Jalgaon) & Dr. H. Khandelwal (Surat)
2004 - Dr. Manish Budia (Chattisgarh) & Dr Sirish Pathak (Pune)

(Granted in 2005)

2005 - Dr. Jasvinder Singh (Punjab) & Dr Rajinder Setia (Rajasthan)
2006 - Dr. Manoj Chakravorthy (AP) & Dr. Sukarna Reddy (Hyderabad)
2007 - Dr. Sreedhar Purohit (Delhi) & Dr Nakul Shah (Delhi)
2008 - Dr. Abhay Kulkarni (Pune), Dr. Anupam Mahajan (Punjab), Dr. Deepesh Thorat (Pune), Dr. Tanmay Chaudhary (Indore).
2009 - Dr. Rajesh Rohilla (Haryana) & Dr. Rohit Kale.


1. Candidate should be three years Post Graduates (MS. Ortho; DNB Ortho; FCPS Ortho / D. Ortho)

2. Candidate should be member of IAS at least two years duration at the time of the application and preferably member of IOA.

3. The candidate should have interest in Arthroscopy and have worked in Department where Arthroscopy is being regularly done.

4. The candidates should have attended workshops and hands on in arthroscopy.

5. The candidate should have paper presentation / publication in arthroscopy.

6. The candidate should be willing to take two to three months leave from his work schedule for the fellowship.

7. The candidate should be willing to pay for his accommodation and boarding or arrange for the same.

8. The candidate should have his / her own arthroscope.

9. The candidate should be willing to travel to different parts of the country for the fellowship on his own.

10. The candidate be recommended by IAS member.

11. The fellowship includes a certificate, and payment of Rs. 5,000/- per month.

12. The fellowship certificate will be given at the time of the Annual Conference after the report of the fellow is read in the AGM.

Fellowships in basic and Advanced Arthroscopy 

Fellowships in basic and Advanced Arthroscopy will be awarded to young deserving attendees on basis of arthroscopy quiz during Annual Conference (maximum of 3 for 3 weeks in India)