1. The fellowship would be now named as “IAS-CASM” traveling fellowship.

2. The fellowship would be offered to 3 candidates who will be accompanied by one Godfather.

3. The criteria for the eligible candidate will be as follows:

a) Candidate should be MS (Ortho)and or DNB(Ortho) from recognized University in India 

b) Candidate should be life member of IAS for more than 2 years.

c) He/she has attended workshops, conferences for last 2 years

d) Working preferably in a recognized teaching college or centre which does regular arthroscopy or an                  arthroscopy unit providing services.

e) Must be recommended by the head of department who is also a member of IAS (preferably) for more               than 10 years or senior member of IAS in that region for more than 10 years

f) Candidate is doing Arthroscopies regularly.

g) Recipient of medals, award, best paper or poster prize should be given preference

h) Those who have done fellowship abroad must not be considered as they already had an opportunity

i)  IAS Fellowship done in various centres in India is preferable

4. The 2 candidates will submit full fellowship report at the subsequent GBM of the IAS

5. The 3 fellows  will receive Rs 80,000/- each.

6. The IAS  Secretary in conjunction with the IAS CASM Fellowship committee should draw up the detailed          itinerary for the entire duration of the fellowship, preferably 3 months in advance. The Honorary IAS                 Secretary would be communicating to the approved fellowship centers and finalize them and inform the            same to the EC  of the IAS.

7. The duration of the fellowship would be for total 3 - 4 week .