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Faculty Drive @ IAS

04 Apr 2018

Dear IAS Member,

Indian Arthroscopy Society has kickstarted the Arthroscopy Skills Training initiative with the first of the series of IAS accredited cadaver courses on March 3rd & 4th at Sri Ramachandra Cadaver Bio skills Lab, Chennai.
The aim of this mission is to offer international standard Arthroscopy Cadaver training for our members at an affordable cost with a, not for profit motive.

The first course was received with great enthusiasm by young & old orthopaedic surgeons keen in arthroscopy around the nation. The registrations were full within a fortnight and we nurtured 35 delegates over 2 days.

We also released a Basic Knee Arthroscopy Module during this event & have planned for more such modules to be released in a phased manner every month to standardise arthroscopy education & skills training.
For successful completion of this mission we need:-


We need more of our members to participate as faculty in this unique drive. Those who are willing to teach & dedicate their time for spreading the knowledge can send their field of interest, dates of availability and updated CV to Their service will be utilised in IAS accredited cadaver courses across the country. (The schedule for 2018-19 can be downloaded from Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Cadaver Course page)

I request the members to spread this initiative among your colleagues and make young Arthroscopy surgeons use this opportunity.
Lets together make IAS the ultimate source of Arthroscopy education & training.

Jai Hind

Prof. Arumugam.S.
Secretary, IAS.