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Election Notice 2018

03 Sep 2018

Dear IAS Members,

The Indian arthroscopy society is declaring the vacancy for the post of Joint secretary (Treasurer) - 1 and Executive committee members - 4 for period of 2 years (2019- 2021).

Election from this year will be only Online and there will not be any onsite election

The IAS is inviting the applications, from and amongst the life members of IAS for the said post. The application form is attached herewith for the members to download, print and then it should be dully filled and signed by applicant and should be proposed and signed by 2 life members of IAS.

The dully filled application form should be scanned and mailed to IAS secretary on email only before 5pm of 20th Sept 2018.

  • Last date for withdrawal is 22nd Sep 2018 till 5pm.
  • The applications will be scrutinize by chief election officer Dr. Sanjay Desai (past president) on 23nd Sep 2018 and eligible candidate will be declared on website by 8 pm.
  • Any false Information or overwriting will lead to disqualification of candidate, 
  • Any email received after the stipulated time frame i.e 20th Sep 2018 after 5 pm will not be accepted or entertained.

Eligibility criteria:-

 Joint secretary (Treasurer) : - Applicant should be IAS life-member for more than 12 years duration or Previous executive member

 Executive Member: - Applicant should be IAS life- member for more than 5 years duration.

In case of no applications for any post, the GBM will decide the nomination amongst life members on the spot and post will be decided by simple majority during GBM.


Online election.

Online election will be held between 28th Sep 2018 and Oct 4th 2018 on IAS website platform between 11 am to 7 pm. Registration in website is mandatory for voting. In case of any difficulties in registration or voting kindly contact helpline No:  +91 7625064040 or


Dr. Sanjay Desai

Chief Election Officer  

Past President, IAS

Election Notice Application Form