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Announcement of ACL Registry ILog App Launched!

19 Sep 2018

Dear Member,

Say hello to a new generation of IAS!

Indian Arthroscopy Society is proud to launch its “Anterior Cruciate Ligament Registry” today.

This will be an app based registry designed to be a crisp surgical data entry format yet comprehensive.

The app will be available in apple appstore & google playstore.

This is a huge step in the history of IAS since its inception in 1983.

We are excited to give our members the power to change the way we create, consume & interpret surgical data for the betterment of patients at large.

A registry such as this is the need of the hour, owing to the phenomenal increase in the use of arthroscopy to treat patients across India by our dedicated members. This registry also makes it possible to create & critically analyse our own data and make a positive changes in the way we practice & to impact the international arthroscopy scene.

IAS at this juncture would like to thank the senior members who have created, this crucial teaching & learning network(IAS), which today provides us a platform to share our experiences on best practices to further deepen the understanding of arthroscopy.

We have also established a dedicated IAS Registry app/ online support helpline +917625064040, for the benefit of the members.

We are also delighted to inform our members that the Shoulder Instability Registry will also be ready for use very soon.

Download ACL registry iLog app at App Store now!

Download ACL registry iLog app at Google Play store now!

Best Regards,

Prof. S Arumugam,

Secretary - Indian Arthroscopy Society