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IAS Best Publication Award-2019

13 Aug 2019

Dear Member,
We at Indian Arthroscopy Society, foster continuous research.
We appreciate our colleagues who spend their valuable knowledge, skill, time and energy doing wonderful research and publishing them.
As a token of appreciation we confer Best publication awards to best scientific publications done by our fellow members every year.
Its time to honour those researchers this year too.

“IAS Best Publication Award-2019”
The award is to bestowed as a recognition on a member for a specific publication as a journal article, judged as making a substantial contribution to the arthroscopic literature and/or creating an impact on arthroscopy practice .  

The award will be given to 2 best publications selected by the jury.
Price money of Rs.1,00,000/- will be given to the publication securing the 1st place.
Price money of Rs.75,000/- will be given to the publication securing the 2nd place.

The selection process is purely at the discretion of the jury.

Application Process:

Publication must be submitted electronically in a PDF format.

Last date for application is extended to September 10, 2019. 

Please submit publication to via email at

Each submission must include:

The publication to be considered:

  • One copy clearly indicating the journal in which it was published; issue number and date.
  • Name and contact information of the person submitting the publication.

The name of the awardee will be formally announced at the “Indian Arthroscopy Society Annual Conference -2019” Indore.

Apply now.

All the best.


Dr. Swarnendu Samanta

Secretary - Indian Arthroscopy Society