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Announcement - Notice for General Body Meeting

25 Sep 2018

Dear IAS Members,  

The Executive Committee of the Indian Arthroscopy Society welcomes you to the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Indian Arthroscopy Society to be held from 5th -7th October 2018 at Calicut, Kerala.  The General Body Meeting of the Indian Arthroscopy Society will be convened on 6th October 2018 between 5-7pm in the plenary hall of IASCON 2018 at the Raviz Resort & Spa, Calicut, Kerala.

The agenda for the GBM meeting is as follows: 

1. Obituaries if any. 

2. To pass the minutes of the previous General Body Meeting 2017 held in Jaipur. (Attached below)

3. To discuss any matter arising from the same. Members can e-mail their objection to IAS secretary, if any.  

4. IAS President’s address.  

5. To read and adopt the IAS Secretary’s Annual report for 2017- 2018. 

6. Audited balance sheet for 2017-18. Unaudited balance sheet for 2018-19 

7. Access to online Arthroscopy Journal – Proposal by AANA 

8. To ratify the names of new Life Members and Associate Members of IAS.  

9. Report on IAS Fellowships: - a. Dr. Gopalakrishnan Fellowship b. IAS-CASM Fellowship 

10. Announcement of Best Publication Award 

11. Staring a Presidential Oration – Proposal by Dr. Sanjay Desai 

12. To read the Org. Secretary report of IASCON 2017 Jaipur meeting and accounts of same.  

13. Report on preparation for IASCON 2019 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh 

14. To read the IAS Editor’s report 

15. To select bids for the Annual meeting of IAS 2020. The application form is attached here with and available on IAS website 

16. To declare the results of IAS EC election for 2018 

17. Any other matter with permission of Chair 

Minutes of GBM 2017 IAS Bid Form Notice for GBM with Letter Head