Candidates Selected for Dr. Gopalakrishnan Fellowship 2019 - Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Shantan Gujjula and Dr. Harjot Singh Gurudatta|

Benefits of IAS Membership

When you join IAS, you will be entitled to the following benefits.

  • Entry into the most prestigious society exclusively for Arthroscopy
  • Premium access to Online educational gallery
  • Premium access to hands-on cadaver workshops conducted throughout the country (Basic & Advanced)
  • Opportunity to participate in IAS Symposium, ICL & Workshops
  • Access to IAS online membership directory
  • Subscription to high impact Journals (coming soon)
  • Networking opportunities with extremely skilled National & International arthroscopy colleagues and the prestige of life membership
  • Leadership and faculty opportunities within and outside IAS
  • Participation and credits in collaborative research
  • Discounted registration rates to IAS conferences & workshops
  • Entry to “members only” section of the website for online election
  • Special publication award on International peer reviewed publications for members
  • Opportunity to serve as IAS committee member
  • Opportunity to host IAS workshops at your institutions
  • Opportunity to apply for the most sought after sponsored arthroscopy fellowships / observerships in the Nation
    • IAS Dr. Gopalakrishnan fellowship
    • IAS CASM fellowship
    • IAS Industry sponsored fellowship
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