Candidates Selected for Dr. Gopalakrishnan Fellowship 2019 - Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Shantan Gujjula and Dr. Harjot Singh Gurudatta|

IAS History

Arthroscopy was started in India for the first time in 1979 in Mumbai by Dr.Pravin Vora who was trained by Dr.Dinesh Patel, Dr.Robert Jackson & Dr.M.Watanabe. Indian Arthroscopy Society was formed on 1st January 1983 with eleven founder members under the able guidance of its patron Dr.Dinesh Patel. Dr.Pravin Vora was entrusted to draft its constitution which was subsequently adopted in May 1983. It was formally registered as a society in 1983 in Mumbai.

The major impetus to the spread of arthroscopy in India occurred thereafter and the sub specialty has grown leaps and bounds to its current state.

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