Indian Arthroscopy Society

Message from President

Dear members of Indian Arthroscopy Society,

Greetings from office of president of IAS!

Education is the basis of existence of our society and our single agenda is to train and teach each member of IAS in all aspects of arthroscopy surgery and sports injury management. Online education is the way forward. My presidential theme is DIGITAL ARTHROSCOPY EDUCATION - THE WAY TO GO An online IAS education portfolio will be created so as to give impetus to this project We will put up as much educational material online as possible in form of online video surgical technique, online video issue based lectures, online debates on hot topics and and online case based discussions. These will be archived on IAS website and will be a ready made education material for anytime to watch.

We also plan to initiate digital online patient outcome scores online platforms so that we get consolidated data of our surgical outcomes. This will help bring multicentric data good for international level publications. All efforts will be made to simplify online upload of data and members find it handy to use Digital revolution is the way to go. Next generation of arthroscopy surgeons will always thank IAS for this project. I need support and contributions from all members to make this dream project a reality.

RegardsDr IPS Oberoi

President, Indian Arthroscopy Society

Dr IPS Oberoi