Indian Arthroscopy Society

Message from President

Keynote theme: I believe we can

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to express my deep gratitude to each one of you, for your faith in me, to chose me to lead the Indian Arthroscopy Society as President for 2022-23. This is an honour and privilege that stirs my heart, as I occupy the position that has been occupied by illustrious arthroscopic surgeons in the past.

I come from the city of Pune, known for its strong academics, academic centres and most of all, its surgeon-teachers. My father is a doctor, and it was his commitment and dedication to this noble profession, that inspired me. Caring for patients and working to get the best outcome to restore their quality of life, has been my main professional and personal motivation, as I am sure, is, for you.

My passion for academics stems from this strong desire to give the best to my patients. Just as access to brilliant teachers, and strong academic centres helped me deliver better care and results for my patients, I am positive that it is a need that each of us have felt. A core goal for me, in my role, will be to work tirelessly for the skill development of younger arthroscopic surgeons, working to take arthroscopy to all parts of India. The talented Executive Committee that I am privileged to work with, during my tenure, has already adopted this as their core goal. Together, I believe we can achieve this goal.

India has the produced among the best skilled surgeons in the world. When I was young, it was common to see athletes and top sportspersons routinely go abroad for surgeries. Now we have our athletes returning to medal winning performances, post surgeries in India. While we have excellent training centres in India, it becomes important to continue to learn from, and work with the best surgeons in the world. An important goal in my tenure will be to establish formal ties of the IAS with societies around the world, to provide opportunities for young surgeons to train abroad and experienced surgeons, to have speaking opportunities across the world. I hope to see the coming generations go far ahead of my generation and make the country proud. Working together with the EC, I believe we can achieve this.

In the month of May, the IAS-EC met at Mumbai, and did a deep dive of the needs of its members. One important aspect that emerged, is that the IAS needs to evolve to support its members in various stages of their professional journey, and far beyond academics. There are some aspects where we all need advice from time to time- like how to set up a practise, which licenses to apply for- where and how, negotiating employment contracts, a place where one can seek the opinion of an Ethics Committee, or basic Medicolegal advice. We hope to work to create a support infrastructure for our fellow surgeons on some of these aspects.

We dream to see the IAS emerge as a support system to encourage and help the fraternity in all aspects of their professional growth. Working together, I believe we can achieve this.

From time to time, I will connect with you, and keep you updated on the progress on these goals. I would also love to hear from any of our esteemed members about any suggestions and ideas that you might have, to make the IAS a stronger body.

This is not a task that we as the EC can achieve alone, but together, I believe, we can create a stronger IAS than ever before, one that will be a support infrastructure to surgeons across all stages of their careers.

I seek your support for these goals and the EC working on these.

Thank you.

Dr Sachin Tapasvi

President, Indian Arthroscopy Society

Dr Sachin Tapasvi